MM Weil and Arcand visit ROMEL

On June 4th 2012, the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities Mrs. Kathleen  Weil and Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Mr. Pierre Arcand visited the offices of ROMEL.

The meeting was held in order to present ROMEL, its activities, as well as the history of its partnership with the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities. Discussions touched upon the innovative project "Harmonie II", which will be launched shortly by ROMEL.  "Harmonie II" represents the continuity  of the “Harmonie” project, created three years ago with the financial support of the MICC and the City of Montreal.

“Living together in harmony is a shared responsibility” is the slogan of "Harmonie II", which proposes the creation of a free of charge conflict resolution service, offered to landlords and tenants. This is done in partnership with the Quebec Landlords Association (APQ).

Both ministers expressed their support for this new initiative and discussed various financial means in order to make it possible.

This meeting was an opportunity for ROMEL to highlight the importance of renewing, on a multi-year basis, the AccèsLogis programme, which currently represents the main development tool used in order to create affordable housing projects. Both ministers agreed that housing represents an important means of integration, and that AccèsLogis allows us to fulfill the present housing needs.

Both Ministers described ROMEL as being an organisation that is always in touch with people and that takes care of the true needs.

Were present during the visit:

Mrs. Kathleen Weil - Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities

Mr. Pierre Arcand - Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks

Mr. Mazen Houdeib - General Director - ROMEL

Mr. Akkad Chergui - Deputy general director - ROMEL

Mrs. Zahia El-Masri -Training programme and communication manager - ROMEL

Mrs. Tamara Davis - Political attachée - Mr. Pierre Arcand office

Mrs. Yasmine Abdelfadel - Political Attachée - Mrs. Kathleen Weil office