ROMEL’s mission is successfully fulfilled thanks to a multidisciplinary team comprised of versatile personnel and volunteers.  

Mazen Houdeib / General director / ROMEL and  "Société de Gestion Querbes" (Ext. 208)

Akkad Chergui / Deputy director, human and material ressources manager, (Ext. 210)

Jean Boivin / Development support manager (GRT- Ext. 206)

Zahia El-Masri / Training program and communication manager (GRT – Ext. 209)

Rosa Arriola / Information agent / Landlord-Tenants relations officer (Ext. 202)

Marie Philomène Pierre / Property manager (SGQ – Ext. 205)

Caterina Vitale / Property manager (SGQ - Ext. 203)

Alfredo Lombisi / Customer service and database manager (Ext. 200)

Nadim Saliba / Project and development manager (GRT - Ext. 213)

Georges Haddad / Property manager - Community worker- (Harmony project - Ext 204)

Geneviève Charbonneau / Project manager (GRT - Ext. 207)

ROMEL also counts on a number of volunteers in order to accomplish its mandate. Moreover, we appreciate the added value our fellow undergraduates bring , through our internship positions made available year round.